*Dream Racing will sometimes operate on the outside road course, click here for track layout and description. See available dates for when these dates apply. Also, on these dates, Dream Racing reserve the right to substitute the simulator sessions with discovery laps on the track in one our vehicles driven by one of our professional racing instructors.

Description of the track corner by corner

Our track is a 1.1 mile, 9 turn road course located in the center of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The average cornering speed for this course ranges from 80 kph on the first left handed corner to 135 kph. The Ferrari F430 GT can reach speeds up to 200 khp in the straight away and lateral G-Forces up to 1.6.

This challenging track is the perfect location to race on. It offers visibility of every upcoming portion of the track allowing you to improve on every lap.

Listen to the Instructor on when to shift, so you get the max revs from the engine, and most speed possible for the straightway

Turn 1 Turn 1

Turn 1:

Right before turn 1 you will find the hardest braking zone of the track. With hard braking, you will decelerate extremely quick; from 120+mph to 55mph, down shifting 5th to 3rd with a G-force up to 1.5.

Stay right until you finish the breaking and then aim to the apex close to the middle of the inside curb.

Turn 2 entrance Turn 2 entrance

Turn 2 entrance:

This is the longest turn on the track with a slightly increasing radius. Here you will start to feel sustained lateral G-force and the massive grip levels of the tires. You will stay in 3rd gear throughout the turn.

Hold a tight line and be patient on the throttle, so not to push the car to wide.

Turn 2 exit Turn 2 exit

Turn 2 exit:

Accelerate at the exit, while moving to the left, to prepare the next right turn. The acceleration is progressive as you will not be completely straight.

As you exit, you will go from the tight right line to the far left allowing the car to exit smoothly while setting up for the next turn.

As you exit, wait to start straightening the steering wheel before accelerating. This will maximize the traction avoiding the ASR (traction control) to work and therefore getting more speed.

Turn 3 Turn 3

Turn 3:

This is the first in a series of 3 similar turns. You will start braking from a speed of up to 85mph, but because you will keep braking while starting to steer into the turn your braking needs to be released progressively while increasing the steering angle.

Wait to turn in a little later for this turn. You want to be positioned far right, at the exit, to set the car up for the upcoming left.

Turn 4 Turn 4

Turn 4:

Starting into the chicane or “switch back” section of the track is a slower, but very technical turn. Much like turn 3 you will want a late turn in point to set the car up for the quick approaching right hand turn, 5. Pretty much a center line is what you’ll be looking for.

If the turn is taken correctly, there is time for a quick acceleration before turn 5.

Turn 5 Turn 5

Turn 5:

This is one of the most important turns on the track being that it starts the fastest sections of the track. You will be grabbing 4th gear as you accelerate onto the short straightaway, leaving turn 5.

It’s important to stay close to the right curb and patient on the throttle, so not to push out wide, and being able to accelerate more when the turn is completed.

Turn 6 Turn 6

Turn 6:

This is a fast left turn. Soft braking is necessary to avoid exiting too wide. With a 1.3 lateral G-force you will have to sacrifice the exit to maximize speed in the next turn. A central exit line is ideal here.

A light touch of the brakes and very smooth steering is key for this turn.

Turn 7 Turn 7

Turn 7:

Here we have the fastest turn of the track. Being able to drive at over 90 mph this turn will test your skill, confidence and trust in the car. Staying in 4th gear, you will fly through this turn ready for an important and challenging braking zone.

If you are on the perfect line you will be able to maintain ¼ or ½ throttle through this turn as long as you avoid hitting the curb which would, with its height, upset the balance of the car.

Turn 8 Turn 8

Turn 8:

This is an important turn as it leads to the last turn before the main straightaway. Here you will be down shifting to 3rd, braking and guiding the car all while trying to maintain a high speed. You can anticipate the entrance because you will be looking to exit wide to be perfectly positioned for the following turn. Keep your braking at about 50% as it will keep going while entering the turn.

Focus on being smooth, especially while releasing the brake. A small pressure while starting to turn in will increase the steering capability of the car.

Turn 9 Turn 9

Turn 9:

Here you will be pushing the car, using as much track as possible at the exit, to try and get the most acceleration for the next straightaway. Try to treat turn 8 and 9 as one turn, holding the steering steady until you are able to unwind while gradually adding power.

Once the steering wheel is straight, use 100% of the throttle, and feel the horse power push you in the seat while flying through the straightaway.

How well you take these last two turns will determine how fast you are at the end of the straightaway. While exiting the last turn watch far ahead, on the right, to have the best perception on the ideal line.

Dream Racing Dynamic Trackmap Lap